The fastest taxis companies in France

Most tourist that visit France or any other country for that matter, always have a thought  in mind as soon as they arrive to the airport, and that is, how do I move around the city safely based on my budget, if I did not book a ride?

The majority of people will immediately turn to the web in search for the best taxis or methods of transportation that are best known around the city that are amongst the most popular and more commonly used by foreigners, always keeping in mind one very important factor, money! But, there are many many options for which to decide for and who wouldn’t want a helping hand when deciding which taxi service to use that is more convenient to you and those traveling with you, if that is the case.

While there are plenty of taxi services in France that will meet each individual’s needs based on their budget and/or places they have in mind to visit while there, some seem to offer more options to choose from, depending on the reason for your stay in France.

We have decided to do some of that work for you,and make it a little bit easier, for you to look at your options and decide which taxi service is the one for you. That way you can have a peace of mind while you fly intoFrance, either on a simplevacation or a business trip. Below is a list of taxi companies that we found not only to be very popular in France, but also adjustable to everyone’s budget and needs.

At the top of our list, we found, one of Pari’s leading ground transportation company called LeCab, which offers different type of taxi service, with an average response of 7 minutes across central Paris. From its launched date back on 2012, with only 30 taxis, it has now become one of the most known taxi companies in France with a fleet of over 2000 vehicles by 20017. The price of each trip is constant and does not depend on the time or conditions of the trip. Useful if you want to organize routes ahead of time.

LeCab utilizes iPhone and Android apps to schedule pick-ups and works closely with the railway service in France for automated pickups as well. Not only that, it has regular partnerships with local companies that suggests restaurants, bars and event over Paris, in case you are unsure of what to do around the city on a particular day during your stay.

Another leading brand in EuropeisG7, with 8,000 affiliated taxis in Paris, which also provides the eCab service that works with international platforms in a single platform application that allows customers to order a taxi in 10 different countries in 50 cities worldwide.

Customers can order a G7 with the app, by phone or using the web, up to 14 days in advance and can track the taxi arrival in real time. You will also have the flexibility to make your payments using the G7 app. Another remarkable thing aboutG7 is that it has the largest fleet of hybrids and electric taxis in Europe.

One of the most fascinating services G7 provides is vehicles equipped with ramp accessible to the disabled, something that many taxi companies do not offer. All drivers assigned for this type service are well trained and fully qualified by a hospital to ensure professional assistance to disabled passengers in case of any event.

Welcome, is another alternative many travelers have upon arriving to France. Welcome offers 24/7 customer support with qualified and trained drivers, using the same rates as regular taxis, but with a more personalized service.

Not only they provide excellent customer service and affordable rates, but they have also made sure none of their customers are left behind, even if their flights get delayed. Their drivers wait for the customers at the airport with a sign with the traveler’s name on it and monitor the status of the customer’s flight to keep up to date information and have an expected arrival time. Customers will then have the option to choose the vehicle they would like and will be assigned drivers that speak fluent English who can also suggest the travelers about things to do during the stay inEurope, so they can make the most of their trip.

If you are looking for a bit more of excitement or maybe need a faster way to get from point A to point B, we have found just the right taxi company for you called, Urban Driver.

Urban driver has been providing motorbike taxi service since 2008 with professional, fully trainedand licensed drivers, who are insured and very knowledgeable of the area which makes the travel hassle free and enjoyable. I would say it is a very unique way of going across town,especially on days the streets of France are congested. They also provide their customers all the gear necessary to make the ride as smooth and secure as possible, including waterproof equipment for those rainy days.

One of the advantages you have with Urban driver is that you can make your reservation on any of their platforms, either via app, web or phone,and travelers will receive a notification 20 minutes before their ride arrives. Travelers will also have the options to select between an Urban style or comfortable motorbike. Urban driver offers fixed rates, free waiting time (up to 20 minutes) and free cancelation up to one hour prior to pick up. 

Some travelers, especially those on business trips, may find themselves needing not just a simple taxi to take them from the airport to their destination point, but at times, need a service that can be available for their personal use at different times throughout the day, without having to contact or hire another taxi company, creating more bills and unnecessary hassles. Sixt mydriver, not only offers a regular taxi service, but also Chauffeur, limousine and private car service.

Along with the ease of booking your service with Sixt mydriver using their Sixt mydriver app or through their website, they have partnered with many of the top frequent flyer programs allowing their customers to earn miles every time they book with Sixt mydriver.

Many of the business travelers may need to arrive on time at an important meeting or event in the are, and they need to do so in style, for which Sixt mydriver offers the Chauffeur service that will delight and impress anyone.

As well, as the Chauffeur service, Sixt mydriver offers limousine service for a more elegant travel, usually used for larger groups. This is another option they provide for more personal and longer trips, usually for tours around the country. This optionis an hourly car service for up to 24 hours a day, with a professional driver making it perfect for you to fully enjoy that tour around the city without the pressure of having to worry about switching between taxi services on the same day or experience delays in waiting for a new one.

Now, if you have already been in France for a couple of days and need a taxi service that will come pick you up from the hotel directly, you can certainly use any of the services listed above, however, we would like to add just a few more options for you to explore while you stay in France.

Nice Taxis is another alternative for door to door service with punctual drivers that have their own vehicles, who are graduates and have been fully trained to provide quality and safety on board their taxis. Not only do they provide great service, but alsowill not increase their rates in case of any big events in the city or intense rain on that day. One service that also caught my attention about this taxi service is that they also offer courier and special deliveries right to your door, which may come in handy while you stay in France, especially for those in business trips.

On the other hand, if you would rather use a private service, there is Prestige Private Transfer, that offers the same type of service as most taxi services in France. However, they also provide private transfer to different destinations in France,offeringtours and other excursions available at the time of your stay, either for small parties or even for corporate travel events.

Prestige Private Transfer also offers bilingual drivers for single or round-trip transfers and easy to book access via email or by accessingtheir online website.

As many of us have heard or experienced in the past, one other option travelers have, as well as in many other countries, is Uber. This option is way better to use if you are already in France and don’t want to maybe spend so much time waiting to be picked up if you only need a quick trip or lift around the city. It gives you an easier access to get someone that may be around the corner to come pick you up, making it easier for you to get around as quickly as possible. Now, keep in mind that this type of service may also include other travelers riding with you in the same car, and not everyone agrees or likes having some else in the same ride for safety purpose, especially on a country you may have not been before. While others find as a great experience and as a way to meet locals or even other travelers in the area. Another thing to consider is that this option is accessible at the tip of your hands by using the Uber app, as well as with many other taxi companies or services that are in the area, also making it easy to pay using the Uber app.

One of the options you also have available is theParis Airport Shuttles, if you feel more comfortable and secure than riding a public service such as the taxi services mentioned about. Some of the benefits of using the airport’s transportation is that no matter your need you also have many options available for you and your traveling partners at an easy access, such as shared shuttles, non-stop shuttles as well as compact cars or minivans if traveling with a large group of travelers. Airport shuttles have also partnered with many hotels around France that provide special discounts by using this type of service.

Not only that, they as well provide airlines miles and points with some of the most frequently used airlines that flight into France for you to use on your next flight there or any other country of destination of your choice.

As you can see there are plenty of taxi services in France to choose from and although this is not a full list of services availablein France, hope you find it helpful and decide for the best one out there. I invite to you review each taxi serviced mentioned above for more information on rates and availability, as well as looking for other options that may suit your needs.

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Good luck and enjoy your stay in France!